Ways To Help

CenteringPregnancy works because our patients are empowered with information, medical care, and support throughout their groups. If you would like to support this model of care, there are a few ways you can help.  Click on the topic for more information.

Volunteering – All volunteers must go through the volunteer intake process at GHS. Find more information on that here: http://www.ghs.org/volunteering

Financial Contributions – Our Centering program was made possible through grants from the South Carolina Chapter of the March of Dimes.  They fund our expansion project, along with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.  We are always looking for ways to help Centering reach more women, and are currently looking for funding to support the following initiatives:

  • Rural outreach with virtual groups.  There are many rural communities in South Carolina that don’t have enough pregnant to be able to form Centering groups.  For example, in 2015 McCormick County had 56 live births, Allendale County had 77 live births, and Bamburg County had 122 live births.  We would love to develop tools to reach pregnant women in these rural communities through virtual Centering groups.  We have identified technology partners, and are working to pilot content.  As always, we plan a through outcomes evaluation.


  • Expanding access to Centering nationally and internationally.  We continue to work hard to expand Centering to more practices in South Carolina, and to create and maintain infrastructure to keep it vibrant.  In partnership with the Centering Healthcare Institute, many of the lessons we have learned about the expansion of Centering in South Carolina can be applied in other parts of the United States and internationally.  We welcome communication from anyone who is interested in learning more about our project in order to implement it in their own community.  We also recieve lots of invitations to conferences in order to share our process and outcomes.


  • Research.  We have an active ongoing research program looking at the biologic mechanisms that lead to the lower rates of preterm birth we see for women in Centering.  In 2015, in partnership with Clemson University, we recieved a 5-year $2.7 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health to compare Centering to traditional prenatal care, in order to measure differences in preterm birth and in the racial disparities in preterm birth.  The goal is to enroll more than 3,100 women by 2019.  (Media coverage is here: http://grnol.co/29LaF0h ).  We want to add depth to this project, and are currently looking for more funding to support additional elements of this research which would evaluate markers of inflammation in maternal blood and umbilical cord blood, and measure gene expression in the placenta.  This would help us understand the biologic changes women undergo as a result of their time in Centering groups, and explain how Centering works to decrease rates of preterm birth.

If you are interested in supporting any of these longer range goals for Centering, or know of an opportunity for parternship, please contact Amy Crockett at acrockett@ghs.org

If you would like for your donation to reach patients more directly, we purchase educational materials and refreshments for women in all our Centering groups at the Greenville Health System. If you would like to assist us with these costs, please donate at the ghsgiving.org Donate Now! page.

March of Dimes – We also work directly with the March of Dimes of SC, which is a charitable organization helping moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. You can donate directly to the South Carolina chapter at http://www.marchofdimes.com/southcarolina/