More CenteringPregnancy practices in South Carolina

In 2017, we are awarding five more practices with funds and training to start CenteringPregnancy – making it 24 sites across the state. The new sites are:

Women’s Care of Hartsville
Walterboro OB-GYN
Low Country Women’s Specialists
McLeod Women’s Care (Florence)
McLeod OB-GYN Cheraw

That makes us by far the highest density of Centering providers in the country. Only three states in the US have more Centering practices than South Carolina:

State # of Centering practices # of births

(CDC, 2016)

# of Centering practices / births
California 34 491,748 14,463
New York 33 237,274 7,190
Texas 32 403,618 12,613
South Carolina 24 58,139 2,422

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