Progress in South Carolina

February 13, 2015 // 

It’s been a long time since the last post, but it’s for reasons both good and bad. The bad news is that I’ve been dealing with an illness in the family. I don’t want to discuss the details (this family member is very private), but suffice to say that I am newly initiated into the… » Read more.

Fall travels

October 2, 2014 // 

Every fall there are a handful of conferences and workshops to attend, so it’s a busy time for us. Here’s my travelog from the past six weeks: Trip 1: To Asheville, NC This was for the SC OB-GYN Society Annual Meeting. We thought it would be a good opportunity to meet with some OB-GYN providers… » Read more.

Basic facilitation workshop crew - they were GREAT!

Statewide workshops again! :)

May 8, 2014 // 

Last week we held an Advanced Facilitation workshop for experienced CenteringPregnancy facilitators in South Carolina. Mary Alice Grady, our frequent trainer, came back from St Louis to meet with us again. The Advanced Facilitation workshop is a lot about improving facilitation skills based on the experience that facilitators have picked up over their first few… » Read more.

Money, sex, and more

December 17, 2013 // 

Good grief, where did November go? We were very busy with a ton of events: Another Centering Basic Facilitation Workshop, with 10 people attending from all over South Carolina. This time we got to host it here in Greenville, so we could show off our Centering space and I had the ease and comfort of… » Read more.

Summer lovin’

July 2, 2013 // 

It’s been another loooong stretch with no news from Greenville. What on earth has been going on? First, I took a nice long vacation. My family went to Maine to hang out with the Yankees for a while, soak up the cool weather, look at beaches with water too cold to actually swim in, eat… » Read more.

Statewide workshop

May 3, 2013 // 

Ain’t it great when your work doesn’t feel like “work”? When your colleagues feel more like friends than coworkers? When your pitiful little “bottom of every social indicator” state suddenly feels like a leader in a GOOD way? That’s the kind of week I had. I got to go to Columbia and observe a “Centering… » Read more.

Long time gone…

December 3, 2012 // 

Good heavens, where has the time gone? November whizzed by like one of them super-fast Acela trains I saw up in Washington DC while I was there for Thanksgiving. Yes, I got to go to a big Capital city for the holidays and say the things that us small-town people say in the big cities:… » Read more.