Two days in the Reproductive Health Educator Life

Last week was Amazon Prime day. While y’all were buying Kindles and Alexas and Instant Pots, ya girl #ReproductiveHealthEducator (that’s me) was buying 800 balloons, 100 beer pong balls, and 80 tube socks.

Why on earth? The balloons and beer pong balls are for our new activity in which we stuff a balloon with a ball, blow it up, then let the ball plug the opening of the balloon (without tying it shut). Voila – the balloon becomes a pretty good fake uterus and you can have your groups “birth” their balls through the opening of the balloon. The smart ones figure out that you do that through squeezing the top of the balloon gently and persistently until the balloon opening stretches and opens enough to let the ball through. Just like a real uterus/cervix!

Why beer pong balls? Apparently ping pong is a sport that is a big deal, such that some of the ping pong balls on the market are competition-quality, and much more expensive. By purchasing beer pong balls they are cheaper and also come in fun colors.

Tube socks? IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Fill them with rice and you have a great heating pad that you can re-use for a long time (2 minutes in the microwave). I also got some fabric markers so patients can decorate theirs.

The next day, I received a message from a friend who works at a college campus. Apparently, while cleaning out their student health centers, they found a box of 1,000 packets of lube that are going to expire before the students come back to campus. I LOVE that I’m the person people go to in these cases. I appreciate that she specified in her text, “Do you think you’ll be able to use them (professionally, of course)?” So, the lube fairy visited a couple of practices the next day, spreading love and good cheer and personal moisturization!

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