Good things come to those who wait

This autumn we had two lessons in persistence, patience, and ultimate triumph – two of our newest sites overcame some significant barriers and have officially started their Centering practices!

The first, Walterboro OB/GYN, had some problems securing their space. They finally got one dedicated to them, and turned it out beautifully. They had their first Centering group in October (photo above is their awesome team). The second, Hartsville Women’s Care, had to navigate through some bureaucratic barriers but after many months, they have their Kickoff Day on the calendar!

I am so glad I get to work with teams of people like this – who keep pushing, week after week, to make change possible. Who prioritize their patients’ health and well-being above the convenience of doing “what we’ve always done.” They are so impressive to me, and give me hope that our healthcare system can really change for the better in many ways.

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