After 9 years, more than 400 groups, more than 4,000 patients, 430 Basic Facilitation trainees, 21 Centering practices, and a partridge in a pear tree, it’s time for me to move on. Tomorrow, May 17, 2019, is my last day with Centering at Greenville Health System (now Prisma Health). I’m excited for a new challenge, and in general I love change, so am looking forward to it. However, as you can see from so many years of blogging, the work here has been incredibly meaningful to me. I have loved having the chance to meet all these patients, and have them teach me about life and strength. My coworkers have also been my teachers, sharing so much knowledge and compassion along the way. I will miss all y’all a lot. Thank you for accepting me into your team for this chapter of my life.

On the way out the door, let me recommend to all y’all that you journal. Or blog, or something. As I have tried to sum up my 9 years at this work, it seems very overwhelming. Luckily, all along I have written here the most important bits of it to share with you all. And, as I look for ways to remember all that I’ve learned and experienced here, I’m glad I have this to share with myself for years to come.

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