DIY Pregnancy Sympathy Belly

One of our sites really wanted a Pregnancy Empathy Belly for the support people in their Centering groups. As you may know, the official ones are quite pricey and frankly out of our budget. But then my buddy google led me to this video, which gave me an idea.

So, I created our own DIY sympathy belly. I tried it out at our team meeting this morning, and posted the video here.

Here’s what you need:

Baby doll + 5 lb weight (caveat – not a full term baby quite yet!)
Nursing bra + 2 1 lb weights
6 lbs of something to represent fat/protein stores (I used 3 2 lb bags of beans)
About 1.5 liters of water for “Increased blood supply” and about 1 liter for “Amniotic Fluid”
A placenta and a 2 lb weight
A uterus and a 2 lb weight for the increased muscle growth

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