We were trying to think of affordable incentives to give our patients for coming to Centering sessions. I have always hesitated to provide incentives, because we can’t afford them long-term. Sometimes we get a grant or a donation to buy some patient gifts, but that money eventually goes away. And then the next patients that come along are upset that they don’t get the same gifts as last months’ patients.

At some point we looked into diapers. I called over to hospital purchasing to get the 411 on how to get diapers and how much. I won’t tell you how much they cost, but they are DIRT CHEAP. I assume this is because the hospital purchases such a huge number of packs of diapers each year that they get a massive bulk discount. And, I imagine also that the diaper companies are willing to provide them at a good good price because it can’t hurt their business to get their product in front of new parents (who are about to spend a ridiculous amount of $$ on diapers over the next 3-4 years).

We proceeded to immediately purchase packs of diapers for all our patients for each session that they come to. And the patients LOVE THEM. They appreciate them like crazy. I feel like Santa Claus at the end of each session. Or Oprah. YOU get diapers, and YOU get diapers!!


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