What is Centering?

CenteringPregnancy® is group prenatal care – all your prenatal care that you need, in a group with other women who are due in the same month as you.

Research shows that Centering patients are less likely to have preterm births compared to patients in individual care. They also like their prenatal care better than women sitting in the waiting room and cold lonely exam rooms. So get into a group!

Here at the OB-GYN Center, we have seven Nurse-Midwives and Nurse Practitioners who see patients in Centering groups. They will place you in the group that’s right for you after your initial obstetric exam and you will stay with them throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

Why should I choose CenteringPregnancy instead of traditional prenatal care?

  • No waiting in the waiting room! Centering patients have their own private entrance into the OB/GYN Center and go straight into the comfortable Centering rooms.
  • Friends and support – Centering patients get to know other women going through pregnancy together. We support each other and share our experiences, hopes, fears, and knowledge. Pregnancy is a journey that we help each other through.
  • Consistent providers – You be with the same nurses and healthcare providers each time. In addition, you will have much more time with them, to ask questions and understand what is happening (and will happen!) to your body and your baby. Your providers really get to know you and support you throughout your pregnancy.
  • Excellent health care – You will learn how to do some of your own health monitoring and decision-making about your health care. In addition, you will have one-on-one private time at each session with your healthcare provider to address your concerns and assess your baby’s growth and development.
  • Snacks! We always have light, healthy refreshments available.
  • Postpartum reunion – About two months after you deliver, we will get together again for a party to show off our new bundles of joy. It is a joyous time when we share our birth stories and compare our experiences caring for newborns.
  • Fun! We do lots of fun and interactive activities that help build your confidence and knowledge about health, pregnancy, baby care, and more.

What do patients say about Centering?

  • “It is very personal. I didn’t feel like a number or just another patient.”
  • “It helps with the stress. And I feel more confident about going into labor.”
  • “It was much more intimate and special, and I feel I could voice my opinions and the people in the group really cared and listened.”
  • “It helped knowing it wasn’t just you dealing with issues.”
  • “I have all my appointments made in advance and never have to wait in the waiting room”
  • “I take my own weight and blood pressure, so I have the knowledge of what’s right for me.”
  • “Even though normally, I’m a nervous and shy person, the midwife made me feel really comfortable to ask questions no matter what.”
  • “I didn’t have to wait in the boring waiting room to be seen.”
  • “They checked in with us to see if we were doing well emotionally as well as physically.”
  • “I made friends, and it was a very nice experience.”
  • “I am not alone! The other women are going through the same stuff I am.”